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    #1 - Nutritional Supplements

    Protocol Supplements

    Here you will find most of the products we offer for Nutritional's, if you are looking for Detox Supplements, they have their own section.

    Please download the protocol to understand the way we take these and the timing we are looking for when doing so. Even good things MUST come in the right ratios, ALL machines in the world run off proper ratios, and the most complex one being our body, is no different.

    EVERYTHING we source is Organic and/or Wild-Crafted, Non-GMO and SCRIPTURALLY CLEAN. Even if you aren't into scripture or clean/unclean inside of it, when you understand that clean animals are meant to take nutrients and convert them into perfect nutrition for us, and unclean animals are meant to take waste, toxins and harmful elements and convert them into nutrients for the earth to turn into nutrients for animals and us. They are the clean-up crew for the earth and when they enter our body they cause radical changes we never want. All of this I can prove and show you with our Hair Test and Blood Test Mineral Analysis. This isn't something we need to talk much about if at all, it's just something included for those it does matter to, and a bonus to those who don't.