I have been working with the body nearly 20 years now and most of that was spent leading the top corporate personal trainers in the world before starting to develop my own physical therapy techniques which my wife used while traveling the United States and Internationally working with clients as well as teaching Doctors and Therapist how to perform them. We had miraculous results Praise Abba! I spent most of my career figuring out how to break through any hardened tissues in the body so that it would free up pathways, blood-flow, brain function, gut function, hormone function, thyroid function, immune function, increase fat loss, and so much more.

In this series of videos my wife Sarah and I show you how to work on each other and yourselves. DO NOT TRY and complete these videos one by one all at once! It will defeat you before you even get started. You will notice in each video I am doing a bunch of INDIVIDUAL TECHNIQUES on a bunch of different spots. Start out trying to do a couple spots each session you do it and work up to more and more. Even doing 2 times a week and one spot on each side when you do it will net you 16 MAJOR trigger points a month. Even one month would of this would destroy most any major issues. I challenge you to test this theory as thousands and maybe even tens of thousands across the world have done using this material.

As with anything I offer, I am here to help and coach you FOR FREE. Do not be scared to click that STEP 2 Button on the home page and schedule a free consult with me. It's never a bother to help you see how easy it is to have FREEDOM from these issues!

All Glory to The Most High Yahuah for what HE has taught and shared with me!

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