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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Francisca Schwedhelm

    I am grateful for the supplements!! They are good and have no aftertaste. The protein collagen is delicious 🤤
    Thank you!!

    Game Changer for health

    Game Changer for taking back your health. Definitely recommend all protocols and this products.

    Pricella Cantu
    Life changing!

    I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and have been taking the Shilajit Capsules since I was about 20 weeks pregnant and I've never had a better pregnancy before this one! Before taking the Shilajit Capsules I was experiencing constipation and bloating during my pregnancy, but once I started taking the Shilajit Capsules all that changed for me.

    Stephanie Moetului

    I've yet to find a better quality, especially for a better price. The larger the bulk the better the deal and I really appreciate that. I had heard they had hit a snag in shipping which is pretty common these days, and I was warned I might have to be patient, but everything still arrived quickly and was packaged neatly. Thank you!

    Ashley Lockhart
    Supplements of blessing

    It doesn’t taste good, but it is a blessing. Taking shilajit is helping my body work as Yah has intended, and I haven’t felt as good as I feel now in a very long time. I have more energy throughout the day, and I sleep more soundly. This along with Sleep Xtreme and Camu Camu I believe make all the difference in that. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Yah.