Grounding Kits

In this section you will find all of our products centered around grounding our bodies to the earth.

Before you run from this thinking it's new age, understand that my entire life is based on studying The Word and understanding how evil works to deceive us.

These products simply allow us to ground inside as if we we had our bare feet walking in the sand on the beach.

  • The Earth is charged with free electrons from lightning strikes
  • These fill the earth with the same current that our body, animals and plants heal with
  • When we touch our bare skin to the earth, we benefit greatly from this, simple as that
  • Plants are not happy to go from a pot to the soil just because they are now with their friends, they get massive amounts of energy to use to grow and thrive
  • Plants that aren't grounded become WAY more susceptible to root rot because their is no magnetic field from the earth holding the water to the soil. This is just one example of how logical this is
  • This type of healing energy can ONLY comes from The Most High, no one else possesses the power to heal us.
  • Heals The Body Arguably Faster Than Anything
  • Lowers Cortisol In 24 Hours
  • Increases Total Body Circulation IMMEDIATELY
  • Lowers Body Fat
  • Lowers Anxiety
  • Slows Racing Thoughts, Increasing Desire For Sleep
  • Fixed My Insomnia In 3 Weeks and My Sleep In 3 Months
  • Decreases The Effects of EMF Frequencies
  • Reduces Pain Levels
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Need For Certain Medications
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Stimulates Mood Patterns
  • Encourages Proper Hormones Function
  • Increases Thyroid Levels

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