This product line will include many variations to fit many needs. It's a supplement we have cleverly hidden inside a collection of beautiful and powerful carrier oils.

Each blend comes with it's own unique blend of essential oils which are known to work for a wide variety of things people deal with. Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of processes in the body, it's one of the major building blocks. Anxiety, twitch eye-lids or muscles, sleep issues, PMS, Premenstrual bloating, Foggy Brain, etc....are just a few of the things Magnesium has been proven to help with. MSM is a sulfur that has a variety of benefits for your muscles, skin, and even has been said to really increase hair growth! I personally think those saying this are correct! Not to say all hair, but on our major hair areas.

Combining these products together with amazing Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax and Arrowroot powder gives these ingredients the perfect setup they need to deliver all the benefits they offer quickly and without losing effectiveness.

Magnesium is hard for a lot of people to take, but when we use our Mag/MSM blend with these carrier oils we not only skip digestion where most complaints come from and go right into the bloodstream, but we also avoid that itchiness so many complain about when using magnesium sprays or any topical form of it.

All of our blends are custom so feel free to make a suggestion for a need you have and we will whip you up a batch ASAP!

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