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MRL - That ALL Day Zanex Swap

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Zanex Swap For years I have worked with clients who have all sorts of things they didn't want to be using and half the battle was there simply wasn't any alternative available that worked. We aren't trying to create a Pharmaceutical here, we are using specifical oils to stimulate certain pathways in hopes that it can bring relief to what people are feeling. Magnesium has been shown to help with many thing surrounding anxiety and stress in our mind and physical body.

Where to Apply - Any oil hits the entire body when you apply it to the bottom of your feet, and the second most absorptive spot on the body for women is the thighs and for men is the forearms. You can always use these two areas for any one of my lotions, but for this specific one I suggest also using it around the neck and when you rub it on other areas, hold your hands to your face and take deep breaths for the aromatics as the oils also work when you inhale it. I do believe using it on the other parts of your body like chest, feet, etc...will aid in making things better all around. I also find with NEUROLOGICAL pain that the oils in this blend help to calm it down so try it topically anywhere you feel pain or discomfort and see if it benefits you. 

This specific blend uses Magnesium and MSM for a world of benefits, but it also uses unique and powerful Essential Oils blended together. We do not use the same Essential oils on any of our blends. They all come specific for what we want that blend to accomplish.


Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Genuine Zechstein Magnesium w/MSM Oil, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oils

All Ingredients are as natural as they can be, no fillers, and NON-GMO.

ArrowRoot Powder Is Not a Filler. It has a world of nutrients including B vitamins, and also stimulates circulation amongst other things. It's also what we use to take down the greasiness of the carrier oils.


Most of our ingredients are fine for anyone, but please ask us before using this if you are going to use it on a child or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can always ask you physician, but we have found that many are not familiar with essential oils and any science on them. You may have to consult a Doctor who specializes in them if this is what you are looking to seek out.


Our Blends are 100% hand crafted and custom, so please allow a few days for us to get your order out. We will work day by day to have blends on hand ready to go, but we want to ensure that your product is exactly the way it should be before leaving.


We do not accept returns under any circumstances being this is a personal care product and many times the mix will smooth out and we cannot tell if it’s been used.

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Reduce mucus and inflammation...

Customer Reviews

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Paula Lawson

Love it!

Dave Clark
Good stuff!

I use this one on my lower back or anywhere I have aches or pain, it's not super fast acting but after a couple days that pain is usually gone or way less without the need of any pharmakia! It also works great at night for sleep! Thanks again brother!

Shela Mitchell
Amazing sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

This stuff is such a blessing!!!! Eases my husband and I into sleep and if we wake up during the night we apply a little more and it ease right back into that sleep! Yah has truly blessed us with finding these products!!!!! So thankful for something that actually WORKS!!!

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