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When you get started with anything, it can be confusing, especially when we are talking about our bodies and healing them. I am constantly working on the protocol and website to make it easier for everyone to understand, and I have made this section for everyone to rest assured they are getting the right things to start.

I also have been working towards packages, but most of the time I just keep my products priced as low as I can. As I do find ways to add packages, they will be listed here.

Most Vital Basics

  1. High Mineral Sea-Salt
  2. Beef Liver
  3. Cod Liver
  4. Magnesium Malate - Daytime
  5. Magnesium Bis-Glycinate - Evening/Night Time
  6. Shilajit or Shilajit For Pregnancy
  7. Adrenal Cocktail Powder or Capsules
  8. Micro-fiber Gut/Colon Support
  9. Herbal Flush Powder or Capsules For Adults AND Children
  10. Cayenne or Josh’s Spicy Rush
  11. Structured Water Guide

Add These For Optimal Performance

  1. Whole Food B Vitamin Complex
  2. Daily Biotic - Pre/Pro-Biotic and Endotoxin Reduction
  3. NON-Gmo/Organic Wheat Germ Oil (I DO NOT SELL THIS)
  4. 100% Grass Fed Collagen Protein Powder
  5. All Night Sleep Zzz or X-Treme Magnesium Lotions
  6. One BOMB Bath - Full Spectrum Co2 Baths

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