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Morley's Recuperate IQ - Copper and Boron

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Morley Robbins Recuperate IQ

Everything is 3rd Party Tested, Contact FIQ For COA's

I'm thrilled to be able to offer this here because of how Morley has become a big brother to me in my career. Most of you who know me, know that Morley Robbins is a great friend of mine and I mentored with him before doing a couple of his masterclasses. The knowledge and studies he holds are incredible.

I have held off on recommending copper supplementation outside of pure whole foods because everything that is recommended from here must be fully tested on myself and the people close to me before it's sent out to the public. All of the products we use and recommend are fully proven through serum blood testing and hair test mineral analysis (HTMA).

Protecting the best interest of each client is the first thing I make sure of

  1. Copper is present in every doorway of our energy factory
  2. Copper is the battery of our metabolism, nothing is more important
  3. Copper runs more enzymes in the body than anything else
  4. We all see Oxygen as primary, but Copper is what processes oxygen
  5. Copper binds to iron and brings it to the blood, increasing hemoglobin

Why do I need this with my Beef Liver Supplement?

We have found that our Beef Liver provides about 3mg of Copper per 6 capsules and most clients benefit from additional copper throughout the day. Some who have some major issues find that it has provided the additional resources needed to see a breakthrough in their progress.

Remember, it took you 18 days to work up to 6 beef liver capsules because of how many processes Copper can turn back on, so I do not recommend using more than one capsule of this.

I will be putting the other version of this product up soon which doesn't have BORON in it for those who choose to take more than one capsule of this a day. Don't add any more for at least a month of taking this. Let your body get used to the cycles and let some of that built-up waste in the liver purge out first.

Boron is recommended on the protocol at the tune of 3mg a day and rather than me giving everyone another product of Boron to take, this one combines some amazing benefits for not a whole lot more cost.

Boron is huge in calcium metabolizing, so if you're worried about calcium, bone, teeth, or just general health, boron is key. It's also huge in stabilizing copper and iron.

Having a dose of anti-inflammatory spirulina and Turmeric just adds to the big benefits we already see in this product. Not only that, but I can use this product to help those who are on a budget.

Schedule your consult today and we can go over the questions you have about this and the protocol in general!

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