About Us

Josh and Sarah Truex live in the Ozarks Missouri running their Health Based ministry with their two sons. Josh has been in the industry learning about the body for 18+ years and Sarah has been working in the industry for the last 12. 

Josh began his career leading the biggest gyms in the world. He was the top corporate personal trainer in the world for a while before falling in love with his biggest passion, creating physical therapy techniques for clients and practitioners around the world. After leaving the gym world he went into 12 years of full time PT work and Sarah and her Pilates (Pilates is scripturally safe) came in and both began to create a combination of well rounded techniques. Through many years of helping people from the outside in, the desire to understand the inside of the body took over.

Josh has since studied in everything from Molecular Chemistry to Quantum Biology, building protocols and methods that thousands across the world have benefited from.

Along the way Josh met Morley Robbins and began to mentor with him and do multiple master classes of his. This completely changed the entire dynamic of the protocol, really refining any discrepancies it had before.

We give all Glory To Yahuah for His Wisdom and Understanding!