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MRL - Salt of Life High Mineral Sea-Salt

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High Mineral Sea Salt

Tested For Purity To Meet Organic Standards

If you are planning to resell this salt please see the requirements at the bottom of this page. Thank You

Our salt is harvested from the Baja Mexico region but is a different salt than Baja Gold, our labs show the difference.

This is my GO TO Sea Salt now! WOW! What a blessing it was to find this salt, it tastes so good; any salt with a Magnesium level at just about 1% should taste like candy to humans these days. Another huge indicator of a super salt is one that's high in Potassium and this salt delivers a whopping half percent itself!

There are higher mineral salts on the market, but I have found that around 1% (10,000PPM) magnesium and about 1/2% Potassium (5000PPM) is the sweet spot for high minerals which aren't too high that they start taking away from the flavor.

Our Salt is HEART HEALTHY due to it having a much lower Sodium and Chloride content than traditional salts. The more minerals a salt has, the more those minerals replace sodium and chloride numbers.

Any higher mineral salts will also cost you up to double the price of our salt. Icelandic can be as much as $40-$50 per lb!

Other salts like Celtic or those harvested from dried lake beds in Utah do not compare to the mineral content of this salt. Our numbers prove it. Check out our Mineral Analysis in the photos. 

The Biggest Question I ask anyone about their salt, regardless of the price is "Does Your Salt Qualify For Organic?" Most COA or Certificate of Analysis' we see are leaving many things off that allow us to see the full scope of what's inside the salt.

In a world of oceans filled with plastics, you want to know this.

This salt actually holds more copper than most other salts I see on the market.

We recommend this in:

  1. Your structured water
  2. Adrenal Cocktails
  3. Your food daily
  4. Pinch on the tongue, water afterwards
  5. Your animals water

* This salt is not for resale without the expressed written consent of Modern Roots LLC through our wholesale or commercial agreements *

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Customer Reviews

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Elsa Figueredo
Life Changing HIGH Quality Salt

I am grateful for this amazing salt. I feel restored, calm, and energetic after taking for a week. I’ve had family and friends purchase after trying just a bit of salt with spring water. God bless this amazing product. Will buy proudly as we truly are the salt of the earth.


The taste is amazing! Love getting extra minerals. Blessings!

Excellent Salt

Excellent Salt

Russ Franklin

MRL - Salt of Life High Mineral Sea-Salt

COA Results Don't Lie!!!

I couldn't wait to write this review!!! Modern Roots Life you've done it again all glory and esteem to The Most High!!! First off, just adding a pinch of this to the skillet with cracked pepper and laying down 100% Grass-fed beef patties over it, man I tell you the natural flavors of the beef are amplified 100x. The granularity of this product is perfect a little bit goes a long way. I currently use this product when prepping / cooking all of my meals and I've actually added it to my toothpowder which contains Grass-fed cattle bone derived hydroxyapatite, bentonite clay, baking soda, xylitol, peppermint oil, and ancient sea salt. In my humble opinion, adding the high mineral sea-salt to my toothpowder has aided in the healing process of my canker sores!!! Shalom and love you brother praise The Most High!

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