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MRL - One BOMB Bath - Full Spectrum Mineral & Co2 Baths

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ONE BOMB BATH - Pre-Mixed Bath Powders

2 1/4 LBS Per Pack of STANDARD Mix

2 3/4 LBS Per Pack if HIGH-MAG Mix

They are finally here! If you know me then you know I am a HUGE supporter of Float Therapy and Mineral Soaks, so I am thrilled to be able to bring you what I feel is the best mixture of quality minerals in their purest form to heal our bodies from the outside in. Up until the 1830's "WATER CURE" facilities were spread around the world and were said to be the #1 healing facilities for all types of ailments.

The body many times is struggling to get things from food, or when it does it doesn't have enough to make available for all the body's needs; this is the answer to those issues as well as offering any one using it a way to supercharge their Pharminerals, magnesium, sulfur, Co2 (Carbon Dioxide as we are a carbon body), and these aren't just your average bath bomb mixture, THIS IS ONE BOMMMMMMBBBB BATH! haha

This blend is meant to fill your body with the things that it's missing at a macro and a micro level. Relaxing in the tub, and the relaxation the minerals and salts give is just one of the benefits this offers. Co2 is frowned upon, did you know it's what pumps your blood? Wouldn't want to go without that, would we? There's so much more it does, but the main thing we want it for with the protocol is the way it drives Oxygen into our cells which is a huge issue for so many. Magnesium is attached to every unit of energy our body makes, we need our body weight multiplied by 5 each day in MG of Magnesium, soaking in Magnesium is one amazing way to get it in because it doesn't effect your digestion or bowels. This is extremely helpful for so many with compromised guts, get those minerals in without having to worry about the body rejecting them. Most people feel benefits with painful symtoms, anxiety, stress, gut function, sleep, skin issues, and so much more. Look up the claims people make when they soak in mineral hot springs.

When using these mineral baths, the protocol should work faster, more effectively and it should save you money in the long run. Getting the baseline minerals up will support the larger nutrients and proteins/enzymes the body is using to attack the war of making energy. I cannot wait to hear how everyone does using these!


Full Spectrum Ocean Minerals - 90+ Minerals - 3rd Party Tested For Purity

USP (Pharmaceutical Grade) Epsom Salt

High Quality Dead Sea Salts - Lab Tested For Purity

Food Grade Citric Acid From Citrus

--- OPTIONAL ---

High Magnesium Blend Including Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride

Please make sure to follow these instructions below

Draw yourself a bath, 90-95 degrees will be best, colder water will not allow the minerals to absorb into your body as well, plus the colder your body is, the slower your metabolism is going. I will be sourcing reptile heaters to where you can set it and forget it and then come back when you want to drop in the Citric Acid before getting in. You are welcome to get one of these now and message me for which ones to get.

If you are just drawing a bath and adding the minerals, then do them in this order.

- Add all minerals/salts while running the hot water, mix here and there as it's filling

- This includes everything but the citric acid

- When the water is done filling and you feel it's hot enough or you have tested it with a simple thermometer, add in your citric acid. You want the minerals in the water first so they will keep the Co2 in the water after you add it. Once you have added the Co2, you can get in. Try and soak atleast 30 minutes, but the longer the better.

We recommend ONE Serving Per Bath to Start, and you can work up to doing 2 if you like. Some people like to do more, but I would caution you on using more than 2 servings of the Citric Acid at once; 1-2 is fine for most anyone.

For Children use 1/2 Serving for one child and 2 servings for more than one.

Most people can do baths as much as they'd like, but I would recommend starting out with 1 serving at most twice a week to start and then working up from there; speak to me before adding more in at first.

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Reduce mucus and inflammation...

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marshee Fisher

One of the most relaxing baths I have ever taken.. I am working on my blood pressure and this bath makes a huge difference!!! I can literally feel the difference. In addition, my skin feels great afterwards.

Bath bomb

It makes me relaxed and it seems to help my skin.

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