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MRL - Whole Food B Vitamin Complex

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Whole Food - Full Spectrum - B Vitamin Complex

102 or 204 Pork Free Bovine Capsules
I have been wanting to make an actual B complex product for a while now, and this is the one! Most B vitamins you see on the market are:
  • Incomplete, not containing all B vitamins
  • Are full of synthetic vitamins, made from coal tar derivatives
  • Are not truly a whole food, but rather pieces of a bunch of foods
  • This means they are not truly a full spectrum supplement

We always shoot for making things a food product, this way everything comes packaged nicely with all the right ratios of nutrients, not a bunch of nutrients that are super high without balance. Our product comes with 3 whole foods to make up the B Vitamins we want and need. We use 100% Grass Fed Beef Liver which holds all the B vitamins we need, some of which are really high amounts.  Next we use Bee Pollen which is super high in B Vitamins, but not a full spectrum, and then we use Stabilized Rice Bran, which is arguably one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. It doesn't have a full spectrum, but is rich in many B vitamins, especially Biotin and Folate.


  • Organic Stabilized Rice Bran (Tested - Arsenic Free)
  • Bee Pollen
  • 100% Grass Fed Beef Liver

Each capsule contains about 750mg of this blend and people take up to 16 of them a day depending on how much they feel they need.

I personally enjoy taking 4 of them after breakfast and lunch, sometimes maybe waiting 60-90 minutes after each of those meals and doing 1-2 more capsules on busy days or days I may not be feeling 100%

Please take it slow when you are starting out as B Vitamins and Bee Pollen as well can cause an overwhelming feeling of energy for those who aren't used to it; this is why I like doing these in capsules, so we can make sure we are micro dosing when needed.

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Vitamin B

I first started Josh's protocol 4 months ago.
Things have been improving greatly for me, praise Yah,
So for me to pu k out 1 single vitamin is heard because I'm doing the whole protocol and like I said it's been very beneficial for my health. Shalom and Blessings

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