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MRL - Organic Cayenne Capsules 90k

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Organic Non-GMO 90K Cayenne Powder In Bovine Capsules - 500mg Per Capsule

Get the power of Cayenne without all the burn on your mouth. Get your children to feel these benefits without turning away from them due to the spice.

Cayenne is:



It binds harmful acids and moves them out of the body. If you feel the burn coming out, don’t think it’s the Cayenne, what you’re feeling is the things the Cayenne is working on leaving the body.

WE RECOMMEND TAKING THESE WITH FOOD ATLEAST AT FIRST. I can handle them on a mostly empty stomach now, but if you do have food available I would use them with it.

Feel free to use these when you are doing my level 1 Detox. 4-5 Capsules will be about a Teaspoon so you could do 1 with each drink and just do a little bit of Cayenne in the drink for flavor and all.

Using at least 1 a day can help with things like Sinuses, Gut function, Blood Pressure, Organ Function, Makes Cleansing Easier When We Do It, Helps To Lower Potential Sickness

 •This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease•

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Cuomo
Easy & Efficient

These cayenne capsules are incredibly easy to take! It’s the best way to get the amazing benefits of cayenne without burning your mouth! Praise Yah!

Amanda L
Great option for level 1 detox

Loved the cayenne capsules, they were a great option for my husband and I while doing the level 1 detox. They’re perfect for on-the-go and for when we were having a harder time tolerating cayenne in the drink. Also great for a daily supplement!

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