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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Kathryn T Johnson

    Custom Grounding Kit - Waist Belt

    Awesome and needed !

    I had issues with M.S….symptoms of tingling limbs, body parts going numb throughout the night, etc. With dietary changes, this grounding kit, and these magnesium blends, the symptoms have stopped. I bought one for my wife and she sleeps better as well! Well made product. I already recommended them to friends.

    Melissa Eggleston
    It is nice

    I've used it the past couple weeks, usually when I'm doing things in the kitchen, I like the convenience of using it, and it does seem to work well, comparatively to other grounding bands I've used. So far, so good.

    Rene MANN

    Custom Grounding Kit - Waist Belt

    Savannah Williams
    More Than Good Sleep

    I've been using my grounding kit by ankle attachment for about 1.5 weeks after feeling quite relaxing trying it out at time of service with Josh. My problem wasnt really sleep as much as my ability to keep my mind going with useless thoughts peaking my anxiety. I have noticed a great relaxation happening within me 10 minutes into hooking up to the ankle attachment. My rest has been more peaceful, and I wake with a bit more energy than before. I bought it truly for my husband, but have used it for myself actually.