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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Victoria Larson
    Finally sleeping!

    I have suffered from chronic post menopause insomnia for years. Combined with the MitoLight, I now sleep 6-8 hours uninterrupted. A huge improvement from 4 hours and going down dangerous benadryl. HALLELUYAH

    LISA D
    Custom Grounding Kit - Waist Belt and Ankle Bracelet

    Really good, quality material and craftsmanship. Not hard to set up or wear. Thanks!👍👍😃

    Lu Rubink
    Easy to use

    I don't expect to see any changes but to know that I am getting that "grounding" is sufficient and needed for my body's health. Very simple to use and is not cumbersome whatsoever. Sleeping well with it around my waist. Have not tried the ankle bracelet as yet but may use it when I have a long time reading or on the computer. Well made product.

    Brilliant kit

    Since using this grounding waist belt and ankle bracelet it definitely improved my sleep and made me more relax. I'm using it when I go to bed or just relaxing in the couch or when I'm doing lots of things in the kitchen.

    Stephanie Moetului
    Was a little skeptical but am now sold

    I have heard of benifits of walking barefoot, but I had never heard of this. I was skeptical but have been at a point where I would try anything. I suffer insomnia and it always peaks in the summer - I have been sleeping like a baby since using this and feel so energized throughout the day. I thought maybe it was a few other things I had changed, but recently went on a short trip and forgot my kit. My bed was comfortable, I was exhausted, and my sleep was awful. I woke up the next morning after 4 hours of poor sleep not only exhausted but anxious. I haven't forgotten it again since. If you're on the fence, or it sounds a little "out there" to you.. I would truly encourage you to just give it a try for a few nights. Worst case scenario you're out a few bucks, but I honestly think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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