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MRL - Bi-Carbonate Electrolytes Blend

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Bi-Carbonate Electrolytes Filled With a Large Dose Of Magnesium To Balance The Imbalance Most All Have

  • If People Only Knew That Magnesium Must Be DOUBLE Calcium When Taken In Order For It To Absorb Correctly
  • Nutrients In Ratios Is The Entire Key To The Metabolism
  • Holistic Methods Have Become Extremely Dangerous To The Metabolism With How They Administer Such HIGH Values Of "Good Nutrients" Not Knowing Most Of Them Are In Dangerous Ratios That Don't Absorb, and Also, Many Of Those Vitamins/Minerals Are Fake + Made From Coal Tar Derivatives
  • You Wouldn't Eat a Piece Of Lab Made Salmon, So Why Would You Settle For Synthetic Nutrients?


  • Headaches?
  • Heart Arrythmia? 
  • Nervousness?
  • Gut Issues? Digestion?
  • PMS or Hormone Issues?
  • Dizziness?
  • Muscles Twitching?
  • Eyelids Twitching?
  • Brain Fog?
  • Memory Issues?
  • Acid Reflux?
  • Tension Around Neck, Shoulders, Head?
  • Confusion?
  • Body Odor?
  • Numbness/Tingling In Hands or Feet?
  • Cramps In Upper Legs? Below The Knees?
  • Nausea?
  • Breast Tenderness?


75 SERVINGS (150 Servings of 400mg)

Magnesium Hydroxide - 800mg Per Teaspoon

Calcium Hydroxide - 20mg Per Teaspoon

Sodium Bi-Carbonate - 20mg Per Teaspoon

Potassium Bi-Carbonate - 20mg Per Teaspoon

Silica Is Added For Anti-Caking and many other benefits

  • Magnesium Hydroxide and Calcium Hydroxide Convert To Bi-Carbonate When Added To Carbonated Water, but Don't Worry...
  • The Water Will Be FLAT After You Mix The Ingredients, Do Not Worry About Tasting Carbonated Water After


  • Add 1-2 Scoops Of Electrolytes BEFORE Carbonating
  • Put The Cap Back On and Shake Really Quick To Mix Minerals
  • Then Carbonate, Pushing the Bottle Up In The Soda Stream While Doing It
  • Make Sure Air Has Come Out The Sides Of The Bottle a Couple Times
  • This Ensures We're Fully Carbonated
  • Shake For 45-60 Seconds
  • Crack The Top Until Water Rushes Up, Close Again, Shake 10 Seconds
  • Add To Fridge and Shake a Couple More Times That Afternoon/Evening
  • Leave Over Night and It's Ready in the AM


  • Make Sure Bottle Says "Carbonated Water" ONLY ONLY ONLY
  • UNLESS It Says "Reverse Osmosis" Water Or Similar
  • This Can Be Seltzer Water or Equivalent, but NO Mineral Waters
  • Get 1 Scoop Ready As We Do The Next Part Somewhat Quickly
  • For This Reason I Typically Only Use 1 Scoop For Store Bought Bottles
  • Pop The Top Of The Water, Drain Maybe 1-2 Ounces
  • This Will Prevent it Flowing Over
  • Quickly Add The Scoop (Or 2 If You Choose) Into The Bottle
  • Scoops You Can Pinch Help Fit The Powder Into Store Bought Bottles
  • Get the Cap Back On, Shake for 45-60 Seconds
  • Crack The Cap Until Water Rushes To The Top and Close It Back Up
  • Shake For 15 Seconds, Add To Fridge, Shake 1-2 More Times at Night
  • Leave It Over Night and Enjoy In The Morning

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ELECTROLYTES AS A MAIN SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM. Instead use Magnesium Malate, Bis-Glycinate, Magnesium Baths, and my Magnesium Lotions as your main forms of Magnesium

You are getting around 24mg of Magnesium Bi-Carbonate Per Ounce Per Teaspoon Of Powder You Add To The Bottle - 48 per 2 and 72 per 3

  • We Recommend Getting a Cheap MANUAL Soda Stream
  • It Will Pay For Itself In The First Bottle of Co2 It Comes With
  • Each Bottle of Co2 Should Produce about 60 Bottles Of Electrolytes
  • The ELECTRIC Models Are a Waste of Money
  • Using a Soda Stream Guarantees You're Using Distilled or RO Water
  • Store Bought You Have No Idea What The Water Truly Is


 This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Barbara Ireland

Love the way my body feels when I am using this daily. Headaches are a thing of the past:)

Lu Rubink
Easy mix!

Other electrolytes have been difficult to shake/dissolve in carbonated water but this one has done very well, very little residue left.

Teal Tarantino
Great Products , Trustworthy Customer Service

I have been very happy with everything from Modern roots. Josh is a very helpful guy. He also has been very honest and upfront. I enjoy buying from him and confident in the quality.

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