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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Jamie Rainey
    Spicy but oh so wonderful

    The taste is awful. It slowly gets better but, uck.
    The effects however far outweigh the terrible taste. I feel so great. More sustained energy, no brain fog, less bloat, less cravings. Just overall a substantial improvement in wellbeing. I will definitely be doing this again!

    Brita Brault
    Came super fast

    First night taking it last night. Super spicy to me who never ears anything spicy but with lots of good flavor also.


    I received my order and have been doing this flush for four days now. I can’t speak for the entire 30 yet, but thus far I’ve see amazing results. Just prior, I’d had some minor never-before-felt gallbladder inflammation that I’d been able to mostly quell with an immediate diet overhaul (based mostly on your protocols), but now that I’ve also incorporated this flush, EVERYTHING truly feels back to normal again. I’m still doing away with as much processed foods as possible and will continue that long term, but I’ve now been able to incorporate good fats back into my diet—in whatever amount I desire—with no further flare ups, super healthy eliminations that are showing proper fat absorption again, and FAR more energy than I’d had even pre-gallbladder issues. Obviously I’m still early on in the flush, but it’s more than safe to say that this was $30 extremely well spent. Thank you, Josh and fam!

    Andrea Cole
    Delicious cleanse

    I love the spice to it, I love the flavor and I've only been in it for 5 days and my belly is super flat! Great cleanse, easy to take.

    Marshee Fisher
    FANTASTIC!!! Flushed out my stones!

    This flush is fantastic! It flushed out stones I did not even know that I had until I had already passed them! The bloating in my stomach has decreased and I do not wake up choking on mucus like I used to. I will definitely be recommending this flush to everyone I can.

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