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    Customer Reviews

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    Stephanie Penland

    this is our second round, not without complaint from the children but the release of toxins and benefits Far Outweigh discomfort. We will do this as often as possible for the whole family.

    Johnny Martinez
    No more bloated belly

    Works great I take it before I go to bed and I wake up super hungry but through out the day I no longer feel that bloated belly feeling it’s too early to see real results sense I’ve just started about a week but I feel better not only that but no side effects which I always worry about when taking anything made from real ingredients sense if too potent can be harmful yet your mix was perfect I’ll definitely purchase more

    Helping my little ones survive and THRIVE!

    I wanted a parasite cleanse for my children, I was hearing stories from elderly friends and doctors saying parasite flushes used to be common knowledge, a yearly or seasonal common part of life. I was desperate to find something, because this 'tradition of old' had been lost. I was sooo thankful to Abba to see Josh had a cleanse for kids! How thoughtful- how amazing was this!
    We tried this flush with our 2yr, 5yr and 7yr old. 30 days, every day! By the end the kids were sad it was done. I had to give them some encouragement at the start- I was determined to get those 'bad bugs' out! So I would either give it in juice or mix with honey on a spoon or I even offered to 'chase' it with maple syrup- they got excited!
    I knew it was doing something because there was A LOT of poop, most noticeably with 2yr old because we had the potty or diapers to examine after;)
    I can't believe how "backed up" he must have been because he was going at least 3times a day, full size bowel movements! At the start there was some irritability, but we got through it, and for the best because I really think we kicked out some of those nasty things that shouldn't be hanging out in his lil gut.
    What a great thing to do with children! Makes me feel good as a Mumma to try and help their little bodies not be so weighed down with gunk. Hoping to do this again in 3months. Thank you Josh and Sarah for doing this!!

    Yahaira Gonzalez
    My Two boys DID NOT get sick when I was

    So two weeks into the flush my boys both had a detox moment in the Poopies (mom of toddlers we talk this Way ) and with apple sauce mixed in they ate it not always happy about the spiciness but before hand I was praying for them to be open especially my eldest who has known yo be very picky, he actually with a sour face took it and within 3 days of taking it got use to the routine and both boys did not get sick 3 weeks into the flush my husband and I may have had covid (symptoms fever, body aches, foggy mind, and lost of taste and smell) for a week in a half we were sick and only caregiver to the boys and were with them indoors and they did not get sick at all and played the whole time as we recovered from this illness. I will defiantly recommend this and also do it again in 3-4 months. Yahuah bless this business and provide to his children this herb to flush away bad things.

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