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MRL - Josh's Spicy Rush

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Josh's Spicy Rush

The Epic Morning Kick!


90k Cayenne Powder & Vitamin B3 Niacinamide

I have been testing this now for a while and it's something I enjoy adding in each morning. This is a little over 300mg of each in each capsule and I may make an extreme version but I would simply add a capsule of cayenne and leave the Niacinamide the same.

Niacinamide is a precursor to ATP - Simply said B3 is a big piece in helping in our energy production and although I don't recommend supplementing B Vitamins outside of whole food, this combination works really well when taken WITH or AFTER food.

Cayenne has incredible healing properties, amongst some of those are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial factors. Cayenne helps to mitigate mucus and acids and when I take this daily it helps regulate the basic things like stuffy noses, colds, acid reflux, gut issues, regulates #2, cleanses, detoxes, etc...

How Much, How Often?

I take 1 Capsule Daily, Every Day, After my Breakfast and Add 1 Cayenne 90k Cayenne Capsule if you need more

  • Feeling Icky initially when taking this is normal
  • Acids kick up so it may upset your stomach as they move out and then settle
  • Diarrhea is normal as toxins and acids normalize, it does not mean it happens all the time or often with most anyone. Some do but that shows the condition of the gut. Contact me or schedule a consult
  • Many symptoms from colds or the "flu" are normal to experience the more congested and toxic your body is. You're basically encouraging the things that get you sick to come out on purpose, in a much more controlled setting so that we do not get blindsided with sickness in the future.
  • "Healing Is FEELING" and we should expect these things stored in our body to cause uncomfortable moments, we must endure the challenge as our body gets not breaks with anything we throw at it.

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