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MRL - Micro-Fiber Gut/Colon Support

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Micro-Fiber Gut and Colon Support

This product is a gift to the gut! We need insoluble fibers like vegetables hold to support the movement of food through the gut and to help with elimination, but soluble fibers like in this product and a strong stable protein that is part of the same family gets your microbiome feeding on some powerful nutrient. Not only that, but these fibers are glucose modulators, meaning this product will balance Blood Sugars AND each ingredient has been known to contribute to lowering Blood Pressure

Clearing and detoxing the colon is one part of the process, but a huge reason it gets to that point is a lack of flow in the gut and a lack of absorption of key nutrients due to a malnourished gut; when we feed the microbiome while keeping the flow of the gut regulated, we then can start to get the most out of every meal, every supplement and really dial in what is needed most. Higher magnesium intake looses the bowels at first, but keeping fibers regulated, keeps this process moving along quicker and with less moments where magnesium causes stools to be looser than they should.

Fiber is looked at for trips to the bathroom, but much of the research shows us how specific fibers also can heal and feed the gut in a way nothing else is.

How to Take This:

Fiber is best taken with your meal, I do it in the middle. My kids will take 1-2 capsules each meal or about 1..2-1.5 grams of loose powder. Adults thrive around 25-30 grams of fiber daily including food and supplements, whereas kids won't need nearly as much for their size. Adults can take 3 or 5 capsules each meal most commonly but some could find taking more is beneficial; this would be 1.8 to 3 grams of loose powder per meal. This may be at certain times and then drop down after say some waste has been cleared and things are flowing better as well as the gut functioning at a higher level due to better nutrition.

It's like saying food feeds us, these fibers feed the gut to break the food down to feed us.


  • USP or Food Grade Organic Chia Seed
  • USP or Food Grade Organic Brown Flax Seed
  • USP or Food Grade Psyllium Husk
  • 100% Grass Fed Beef Collagen Protein Powder

The key to this is everything is pulverized in house to ensure its not just ground, but it's done in a special grinder called a pulverizer which gets the size of the dust super small. With many things, this is not good, but when you are talking about things that are gelatinous, you want more surface area to create more gel and more areas to help grab and heal the gut. Things like flax must be ground to get the nutrition from them.

Use this in combination with our Pre-Pro Biotic and our Digestive Support coming soon


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Micro fiber

It seems to work, but I've done so many different things that go with digestion. Like raw milk pretty much at the same time.

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