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Morley's Cod Liver IQ Capsules - REAL Vitamin A & D

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Morley's Cod Liver IQ Capsules - Get Your REAL Vitamin A & D In PERFECT Ratios


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IF YOU'RE SWITCHING FROM ROSITAS, and you're worried about your children with capsules, you may find these are smaller and work. If that's not the case, then what I recommend is taking a needle and popping the capsule to squeeze it out. It will give you optimal dosing and the capsules can still be saved in the fridge until all of it is gone.

I'm thrilled to be able to offer this here because of how Morley has become a big brother to me in my career. Most of you who know me, know that Morley Robbins is a great friend of mine and I mentored with him before doing a couple of his masterclasses. The knowledge and studies he holds are incredible.

You guys have no idea how excited I am to bring this to everyone. I know it's replacing Rositas and some are asking why, but this is about getting the cleanest product available that allows us to take it how we need every day and not break the bank. I truly do not feel any of you will notice any loss from switching over, and in fact, I feel most of you who won't take it without being in capsules and those who aren't able to afford to take it as much as they need won't have either of those issues with this product.

I absolutely cannot stand the taste of cod liver, so if you're someone like that then I appreciate that you can't do the oil even if making your own capsules. If you're burping up the taste, then get more fat in your meal and wait 15-30 minutes after eating before taking this. 

Now we can get a capsule with each meal and see the number I like to take daily myself. Most people seem to do well at this dose.

This should be taken after a meal with fat in it to ensure itabsorptionon.

Yes, Grass Fed Beef Liver has copper and the REAL Vitamin A Retinol, but when you look at Iron's load in our body and how copper is suppressed in our metabolism coupled with how Retinol A is what gets copper Bio-Available, keeping it up with each meal can make a world of difference in your daily routine. Remember, I am constantly doing blood and hair tests with clients to see the stress humans are enduring these days and then building protocols to offset things as they increase.

Almost every Vitamin D you have taken is synthetic, even some food brands of Vitamin D involve forms and blends that you would want to stay far away from, but there are ones like this that are in their true, natural, form. Synthetics do not move or work in the body the same way, and one huge reason for that is they don't come in the right ratios. We can't just take a bunch of good stuff, nor can we take any product that says it is "Whole Food Based" because taking a bunch of little pieces from a bunch of different foods is not the same as taking a single, complete food product and benefitting from the things it has in perfect balance. Vitamin A should be holding a much higher level than Vitamin D or it won't absorb. Just like most products don't have magnesium double calcium where it's needed to absorb. Sadly, we live in a world where products are formulated more for the profits than it is for the balanced benefits the customer paid for.

If you're like most of us who have taken synthetic Vitamin D (Seco-Steroid Hormone D actually) then you will most likely have levels over the highest we can get a benefit from (21) and therefore will need some time to get their Retinol Vitamin A levels 3 times higher than Vitamin D. Studies show Retinol should be about 63 and Vitamin D at 21. We do offer the Metabolic Blood Panels to help you verify this data.

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Reduce mucus and inflammation...

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I notice a difference with my allergies within a few days of using this. Soft gels easy to swallow. No after tase of cod liver.

Pamela Santos

Morley's Cod Liver IQ Capsules - REAL Vitamin A & D

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