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MRL - Oral Hydrate - 204 Capsules

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204 Oral Hydrate Capsules - Saliva Boosting + Bacteria and pH Balancing

Ingredients: 900+ MG of 100% Xylitol From Birch - Purest Source I could find

Many of us are dealing with significant teeth issues, while all of us want to have increased balance inside of our mouth in general. This is our first product to help those with major issues and daily maintenance to keep things optimal.

Xylitol is known to the world as an alternative sweetener much like sugar, I am surely not one of those people, and I will not be using this product for that, but the power of Xylitol in our mouth is incredible.

  1. It's been known to lower the bad bacteria in our mouth
  2. I believe this is because it helps balance the pH in our mouths
  3. It increases saliva production which many struggle with due to frequencies
  4. This increases lactoferrin which binds and chelates Iron
  5. This increases salivary amylase which breaks down sugar on our teeth!
  6. This increases lingual lipase which starts breaking down our fats
  7. Most importantly this tells our gut that food is coming

For most of my career, I had no idea of the power of saliva and what it did to start the process for our gut, but now that I am studying it deeply I see the need to have this product, a mouth paste for coating our teeth, a mouth wash to keep alkalizing all day and a oil based toothpaste replacement to help encourage all the other pieces missing in the oral microbiome.

So what will this do for me and how do I take it?

Overall this is going to be something you use when you wake up, after each time you eat, and before bed. It really makes a huge difference when you do it after brushing you teeth.

Each capsule is about 1000mg or 1 gram in the right amount you need to use each time.

When you brush your teeth in the morning or before bed, open a capsule and pour the contents into your mouth. You will feel the saliva building and I like to swish it around my mouth for a minute or so and then either spit it out or swallow it since it's not a ton. This will coat your mouth and start to balance everything in the oral microbiome that it can. It also has been known to have Prebiotic properties and other benefits in the gut. We just don't want to be putting something far sweeter than sugar into our bodies constantly. These alternative sweeteners may carry a lower glycemic load due to low to no carbohydrates but that doesn't mean it isn't far sweeter to our receptors.

When you eat, empty a capsule into your mouth and do the same. This will help the saliva to increase and break down any remaining food. It does not replace flossing, but some would argue it cuts down on brushing a lot due to the mouth's natural bacteria and enzymes ensuring things are kept in balance.

Since adding this product to our daily routine, we have noticed an increase in the way our mouths fight to keep plaque down, bad breath down, pH more neutral, and the bad bacteria away because of it.

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