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This is the first of the many Targums projects I have going. I love the Name Of Yahuah, Yahusha and His Ruach Ha’Qodesh and I know many others do as well. You will also see the TORAH listed in here farm more than the cannon. No coincidence there!

If you are familiar with the book of Isaiah then this will be a real treat for you. It is much older and has far more accounts of Messiah in it as THE WORD of Yahuah which is Memre in the Hebrew. They have gone to great lengths to remove Messiah, His Name, and also the Name of our Father Yahuah 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 as well as HIS TORAH. I have set out to take out all the Old English style writing without changing any of the context or meaning in the scripture. It’s just so people read it easily and effectively. I also have restored many names to their Hebrew to give glory to our Father Yahuah and The WORD.

May this be a blessing to all those who read it and may it make our Father Yahuah happy on His Throne. Please share this and give it out to whomever you want. If you would like to donate, feel free, it will allow me more time to spend on all the other Targums I plan to do for free.

All Glory To The Most High Yahuah Through His Son Yahusha!

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Customer Reviews

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April G


Sharon Pratt

What a blessing to have the true names restored.

Tatiana Bussaglia de Moraes
I liked a lot

It seems very good, but I didn't have the time to read it entirely yet.

Lisa Victoria Fasciano

I did not receive it in the mail yet yet

Ronel Gush
Targum of Isaiah

Only getting into it now. Thank you. I am already learning new things. Eye opener to the way I study and perceive.

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