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The Targums are a gem in these end times, but if you’re like I was in the beginning of my walk coming to Torah, I wouldn’t read anything that held the titles of “Lord,” “God” and “Jesus.” 6823 Times The Name of Yahuah was removed from the Canon alone. This doesn’t even account for the Non-Canonical books (Apocryphal). Messiah Yahusha’s Name was removed 216 times. More than that if you are counting Him being referenced as Yeshua, etc...It’s also seems fitting to add in capital letters to let the readers know when our Father or His WORD is being referenced as “Me,” “You,” etc...
Targum simply means “Translation,” but these are dated some 1100 years before the KJV Masoretic text, and 200 years before the Septuagint. You will find a ton of information that isn’t included in either of those translations. As with all things, take it before The Most High Yahuah with prayer and fasting because every single translation of scripture has some leaven in it. There are two commentaries included in this: one Palestinian and one Aramaic. When I first went through these I found it extremely hard to understand which I was reading and sometimes I didn’t even notice when one ended and the other began again. To resolve this, we will be using BOLD to highlight when you are seeing the Jerusalem/Aramaic commentary and regular text for the Palestinian. The version from Zen Garcia I read originally didn’t have any verses either which made it quite fun finding the place to reference in the canon. This version will include the verses as well. May this be pleasing to The Most High and may it not come from any of my flesh, but rather from His Ruach (His Set- Apart Spirit).

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