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That ALL Day Period & PMS Magnesium/MSM Lotion - Menstruation and Hormones

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That ALL Day Period & PMS Magnesium/MSM Lotion - Menstruation and Hormones

1 3oz Jar 

Here are the FAQs on this product

What is it, what's in it? - Our entire lineup of Magnesium and MSM Lotions has a base of mostly Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Zechstein Magnesium, and MSM, so you can use any of them topically to support pain, discomfort, tight muscles, joint issues, low magnesium, cramps, energy, and so much more. The only difference between the lotions is the essential oils included in each blend specifically. I source high-grade oils and blend specific oils to help with certain ailments. There is about 280mg of Magnesium in each teaspoon of lotion.

What can I use it for? This lotion has arguably the best feedback of any lotion due to the response a woman gives when her cycle has improved. Women from pre-teen adolescents up to women well into menopause agree that this lotion, when used every day, will most likely create the effect you are looking for. Let's be honest about something the studies prove but is rarely admitted: Women typically deal with many of the issues they do because they depend on Magnesium even more than we men do. Why is that? Is that scientifically proven? In a way it actually is because studies prove that Magnesium is one electrolyte that gets taxed HARD under stressful situations. Let's also be honest that women can be put into some pretty stressful situations, ones that make men scratch their heads at how they could endure it. Talk about burning at both ends, I watch my wife with my two sons, and it doesn't even make sense how she hasn't lost it by the end of some days simply due to the pace and demand of the day. Everyone who knows me knows I stay extremely busy, but this is a different type of busy. That type of busy equates to massive electrolyte burn and magnesium on all people tanks first. Why? Because it's attached to every unit of energy our body makes, as well as being responsible for 3751 proteins in the body. That means Magnesium has a lot of demand on it! So, given all the HTMA Hair Test Mineral Analysis evidence, women need a bunch of Magnesium all throughout the day. General numbers for anyone are 5 x Your Body Weight = Mg of Magnesium needed daily. Most women find that 7 times their body weight in Mg spread throughout the day makes them run best. This equates to 750-1000mg of Magnesium, and men seem to like 1000-1200mg, but these are arbitrary numbers; if you had a glass of wine, you'd notice you want more salts, aka electrolytes, the next day. When women get a good magnesium schedule they begin to notice a peace in their lives that they've never had prior to that moment. This goes for anyone, but again, let's be honest, women are WAY more honest about what they are feeling than men, and therefore, when something changes for the good as this does, you're going to hear about it. HalleluYAH for that! Remember, these numbers are what we work up to. This is where lifestyle comes in, and applying anything must slowly work into your schedule. Don't rush things, guys; it's not the way the body was meant to function, nor how it was designed when introducing new things into it.

How do I use it? Use this all around your groin area every day until symptoms subside, and then use it only during your cycle from then on. If symptoms return, increase the use leading up to your cycle. This means upper thighs, front and back, glutes, hips, lower abdomen, and lower back. A little bit goes a long way, but make sure all areas are covered with a thin layer. We recommend using it around your chest for the aromatic side or on the bottom of your feet for maximum absorption throughout the entire body.

Most Absorptive Areas of the Body

  • Bottom of the feet hits the entire body for men and women
  • Thighs are the second most absorptive spot for women
  • Forearms are the second most absorptive spot for men
  • Use these if you need to use more lotion and the feet or other areas are already covered.

What can I expect when using this product? Magnesium relaxes tissues, so applying this lotion to any areas with pain, discomfort, tension, etc., should support them. Magnesium is responsible for 3751 protein/enzymes, and therefore, we can expect using this lotion will support those. It's also used to make every unit of our energy so using it topically skips the digestive tract and deposits the Magnesium directly into our blood. This is extremely helpful for those who can't handle much magnesium orally. Many clients report feedback about the support it gives to their skin, energy, gut, anxiety, irritability, and overall mood, amongst other things.

Are there any WARNINGS for this product?  All of our Magnesium/MSM Lotions are safe for any adult to use. They should also be safe for just about any 5-12 year old. However, for our children under 2 years old, we normally only use the Zanex or Sleep Zzz in very small amounts. Zanex and Sleep Zzz are the only lotions we recommend for Pregnancy, but all the lotions are safe for breastfeeding. 

How do I store this product? What is the shelf life of it? - These lotions last a long time, but since I use absolutely no fillers, it's best to warm the lotion back up and mix it back together from time to time if you aren't using all the lotion before it separates. This will happen more often if the lotion is stored in a bathroom setting where temperatures fluctuate up and down more often. I recommend setting the lotion in a bowl with hot water for 20 minutes at a time until the lotion has melted down and then mixing it with a milk frother. Sometimes you'll have to warm it up more than once to get it soft enough to mix. Generally, keep it stored in a cool, dry place and mix it back together if it does separate. For potency, use this lotion within 12 months of opening it.


  • 100% Pure Organic White/Yellow Shea Butter
  • Lab Tested Hemp Seed Oil
  • Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride
  • My Deuterium-Depleted Distilled Water
  • MSM
  • White/Yellow Beeswax
  • Essential Oil Blend

 • The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Brooke Coleman
Must Have!

I noticed immediate relief from PMS symptoms after applying to my chest and lower back, will be enjoying the whole bottle and many more!

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