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That ALL Day Throbbing Headache Magnesium/MSM Lotion

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That ALL Day Throbbing Headache Magnesium/MSM Lotion

1 3oz Jar 

Here are the FAQs on this product

What is it, what's in it? - Our entire lineup of Magnesium and MSM Lotions has a base of mostly Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Zechstein Magnesium, and MSM, so you can use any of them topically to support pain, discomfort, tight muscles, joint issues, low magnesium, cramps, energy, and so much more. The only difference between the lotions is the essential oils included in each blend specifically. I source high-grade oils and blend specific oils to help with certain ailments. There is about 280mg of Magnesium in each teaspoon of lotion.

What can I use it for? Coming from someone who had migraines most of my life and having a mother who would get them for 30 days straight, this lotion was something I wish we had back then. Does it cure Migraines? No, in fact, I spent around 40,000 hours in my physical therapy career educating people on things like this and how the muscular and structural systems dictate how much we feel them, if at all. What does this lotion do? These things are used as buffers to help the situation be more manageable. Magnesium can sometimes change how a headache feels pretty quickly, but that's when the headache is a large contributor being tension. Magnesium relaxes tissues so that can make a big difference in that particular situation, but using our foam rolling and stretching videos to ensure your posture is aligned is your best defense from any type of headache. Every inch your head goes forward adds 10 more pounds to the cervical spine. If you look at yourself sideways in a mirror, you will probably notice your shoulders roll forward. This means you have more tension in your chest and armpit muscles than you do strength in your upper and mid-back. Releasing the chest, subscap, and then upper and mid back can align the neck, head, and shoulders in a way that brings MASSIVE blood flow to the brain. This alone helps overcome many of the sharp pains we can feel in that region. Use this lotion to help get things to a point where you can manage them, but jump on the videos ASAP by getting yourself a black foam rolling and clicking here > Josh and Sarah's Free Foam Rolling and Stretching School

How do I use it? I love using it all over my skull, through the front and back of the neck, all over the shoulders, armpit region (it also helps with body odor), and upper back. Even a little toss on the back of the neck where it meets your skull can make a huge difference. Support the pain and discomfort, and then work to align your posture to give relief to that region. We recommend using it around your chest for the aromatic side or on the bottom of your feet for maximum absorption throughout the entire body.

Most Absorptive Areas of the Body

  • Bottom of the feet hits the entire body for men and women
  • Thighs are the second most absorptive spot for women
  • Forearms are the second most absorptive spot for men
  • Use these if you need to use more lotion and the feet or other areas are already covered.

What can I expect when using this product? Magnesium relaxes tissues, so applying this lotion to any areas with pain, discomfort, tension, etc., should support them. Magnesium is responsible for 3751 protein/enzymes, and therefore, we can expect using this lotion will support those. It's also used to make every unit of our energy so using it topically skips the digestive tract and deposits the Magnesium directly into our blood. This is extremely helpful for those who can't handle much magnesium orally. Many clients report feedback about the support it gives to their skin, energy, gut, anxiety, irritability, and overall mood, amongst other things.

Are there any WARNINGS for this product?  All of our Magnesium/MSM Lotions are safe for any adult to use. They should also be safe for just about any 5-12 year old. However, for our children under 2 years old, we normally only use the Zanex or Sleep Zzz in very small amounts. Zanex and Sleep Zzz are the only lotions we recommend for Pregnancy, but all the lotions are safe for breastfeeding. 

How do I store this product? What is the shelf life of it? - These lotions last a long time, but since I use absolutely no fillers, it's best to warm the lotion back up and mix it back together from time to time if you aren't using all the lotion before it separates. This will happen more often if the lotion is stored in a bathroom setting where temperatures fluctuate up and down more often. I recommend setting the lotion in a bowl with hot water for 20 minutes at a time until the lotion has melted down and then mixing it with a milk frother. Sometimes you'll have to warm it up more than once to get it soft enough to mix. Generally, keep it stored in a cool, dry place and mix it back together if it does separate. For potency, use this lotion within 12 months of opening it.


  • 100% Pure Organic White/Yellow Shea Butter
  • Lab Tested Hemp Seed Oil
  • Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride
  • My Deuterium-Depleted Distilled Water
  • MSM
  • White/Yellow Beeswax
  • Essential Oil Blend

 • The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this statementThis product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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