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Grounding Kit - Waist Belt Replacement with Y Connector For GKIT

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GKIT Grounding Kit Copper Waist Belt with Y-Connector Replacement

If you are looking to purchase just the Waist Belt without the Y-Connector, please click here > GKIT Waist Belt Replacement

What is it, what's in it? - This product is for those of you who are using our GKIT and need a new or extra Waist Belt Replacement. Remember, this is not the full Grounding Kit; if you are looking for that, please click here > Standard Grounding Kit > Deluxe Grounding Kit

To measure for your waist belt please measure at the belly button completely relaxed without pulling in. For the anklet measure around the ankle just a bit above it.

What can I use it for? - Grounding has been shown to support cortisol, boost energy, change your body composition through lowering body fat, supports inflammation and pain, supports healthy sleep patterns by balancing the body's cortisol levels and much much more!

How do I use it? - The GKIT comes with a red wire, it used to be a plug as seen in the video, but because everyone thought the plug had power to it, I did away with the plug and went with the red pin wire only for the bottom hole of your wall socket only. From that red wire, there is a long black cord going to a Y-Connector; this connector will attach to both sides of either your Copper Waist Belt or your Copper Anklet/Bracelet. Most use the copper waist belt when sleeping, and you can also use it around your neck during the day only, bed time would be dangerous. The anklet/bracelet can also be used at night to spot target specific areas or if the belt is too difficult for you at first. Sometimes it takes getting used to and other times you're a breastfeeding Mom and the tossing and turning needs another option. Regardless of what you choose, simple ensure the wires are setup how I said here and the copper is touching your skin and you'll be feeling the benefits of grounding. There's never too much grounding, and there's never a time you wouldn't want to be doing it.

What can I expect when using this product? The feedback we get on this product is amazing. People rave about sleep and pain the most, but we get everything from body fat to energy to libido in our feedback from clients. Please let us know what it does for you!

Are there any WARNINGS for this product? This product does not use electricity, and we use the smallest fuse we could find to ensure that no electricity is sent through the kit into your body. Although the kit should be safe during lightning strikes, I personally do not use it during electrical storms.

How do I store this product? What is the shelf life of it? - To ensure your kit lasts the longest, we recommend taking your fingers and running it on either side of the waist belt or anklets between uses. Simply pinch your fingers on both sides and pull the copper waist or anklet/bracelet through your fingers to smooth it out. This will prevent burrs and spikey strands of copper from building up. If you do this combined with placing your copper somewhere, it won't get smashed between uses, then you should get 2-3 years out of each copper waist/anklet.

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karen Chavez
Happy to have my replacement!

Obsessed with the grounding kit! Needed a replacement and I got it so fast! Thank you for making you for amazing customer service.

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