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Morley's Wheat Germ Oil IQ - Whole Food Vitamin E and Selenium

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Wheat Germ Oil IQ - Whole Food Vitamin E and Selenium

Everything is 3rd Party Tested, Contact FIQ For COAs.

Here are the FAQs on this product 

What is it, what's in it? - This product includes 100% Lab Tested Wheat Germ Oil - This product has nothing to do with gluten and doesn't effect those with an intolerance to gluten. 

What can I use it for? - This product is hands down the best for whole food vitamin E complexes. Get away from all these "Mixed Tocopherols and Mixed Tocotrienols" nature isn't all mixed up, it's pure and comes in perfect ratios/balance. Nutrients come in complexes and synthetics comes in single ingredients, always remember that. There is no copper tree, no zinc tree, no NAC tree, no Ascorbic Acid tree, nada. This product uses whole-food vitamin E to reduce oxidative stress in the body. This effectively lowers how much nutrients you need to fight off inflammation and also how fast you use those nutrients. It's why it's used in many products to slow down how fast they go back. It really does a good job at preserving our calcium channel and magnesium in the body. Those using it generally see a big improvement on their electrolyte stress shown on a hair test mineral analysis. NEVER supplement Selenium, Whole-Food Vitamin E complexes comes equipped with selenium inside them!

How do I use it? - Adults, most are taking one capsule with each meal (up to 3), but some are only doing one with each of their first two meals. You can use only one a day if you are trying to budget.

What can I expect when using this product? - This product is all about stability! It helps to slow things down in our lives so that we can manage better. It's effectively slowing down how fast your body breaks down, and that is sometimes all someone needs to get ahead in the game.

Are there any WARNINGS for this product? - There's no need to go over the dosing we have here and therefore there shouldn't be any issues with adults using this. Children generally use one capsule daily from ages 5-12 if they can swallow the capsules. You can poke the capsule and squeeze it out as well. Some children find they only take one every few days. Feel free to gauge as you go along with them.

How do I store this product? What is the shelf life of it? - Please follow the data found on the FIQ Bottle Itself. We keep our Wheat Germ Oil in the fridge with our Cod Liver Oil


  • 100% Lab Tested Wheat Germ Oil
  • Lab Tested Pork-Free Bovine Capsule

Please see the label in the pictures for full nutrition facts

 •This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Stan Hitchcock
Wheat Germ Oil

I trust Josh and the team at Modern Roots . Appreciate the protocols , the suggestions and ideas as well as the personal consults. He has a proven track record with methods that get results. I’m trusting the process

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