Holistic Pharmakeia - The Self-Sabotage Paradigm

Holistic Pharmakeia - The Self-Sabotage Paradigm

Holistic Pharmakeia

The Self-Sabotage Paradigm

Shalom All!

Welcome to my blog, I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with me here. This series has been on my heart for a long time and I know you all haven't seen the First Episode I filmed for YouTube because we are still editing it, but the fire it has lit under me is a furious one. One for my brothers and sisters in this world.

This is what it is all about, coming to truth and when you have, spreading the good word to your brothers and sisters! We have to remember to plant seeds and not beat people over the head with our new found information. I spent much of my walk doing this to people, I felt if I wasn't selling them a Mercedes they couldn't afford, then this should be something they should listen to regardless of what their current understanding is. We know this isn't the way to go about things, but rather plan the seeds and let Abba water them.

My entire passion for this ministry is rectifying so many of the things I made mistakes on in my own life. So many of us feel we are leaving our current paradigm, the one that we feel is wrong and harmful, only to find out that we were quietly being mislead and in many cases dealing with more long-term harm than we were in our prior regimen. This is the entire reason I am so passionate about this new series, for 18 years I walked in what I thought was the path of growing in truth about the body, mind, and spirit. All that time invested only to find out that Abba would flip me on my head, shake out my pockets, regurgitate much of my old understanding, and then stand me on my feet to begin again. Most all of the world died without even a glimpse of this truth, this is definitely true for the last 80 years of our world for sure.

Too often now I am dealing with clients who are so broken inside due to the fact that they thought they were doing good things for themselves, only to find out many if not all were harming them. Try being the guy who taught all you guys to do these very things before finding out what the truth is about these synthetic methods. We praise Yahuah The Most High for even coming to the truth, all in His Timing and better now than never, yeah?

I'm not sure who you are reading this, I'm not sure what belief or faith you walk in, if any, but for those of us applying things we see in scripture to our life, we must remember this is not the same world, nor anywhere close to the same foods they had back then. No matter what we want to do to try and recreate that, it's nearly impossible without growing indoors with filtered light, filtered and remineralized water, filtered air, etc...basically cutting off anything from the outside elements that have been heavily contaminated. This doesn't even take into account the terrible state of nearly all soils in the world, it's sad. I will touch on this later in the blog.

The Self Sabotage Paradigm describes the understanding many of us have been pumped with our entire lives. One that tells us this body is so amazing, yet whenever it has to defend itself, there's no chance for it to do so without us stepping in with some synthetic form of support...

This synthetic Vitamin C is not Vitamin C at all. Liposomal or not, this is just one of many examples of how we have been duped into believing something is real when it isn't. Would you willingly eat some "Lab Made Salmon or Beef" if I served it to you and told you what it was? I'll bet most of you reading this would cringe at the idea of that.

What you see above is a lab made ascorbic or ascorbyl or ascorbate form of "Vitamin C" but it's really just the outer shell, like an empty gobstopper missing all the goodies in the middle. I cover this all in detail in the first video you will all see soon.

  • A Vitamin isn't a Vitamin - Did you know "Vitamin D" is a Steroid and Hormone? Still want to take 10,000 IU's of that osteoporosis causing synthetic? Wait, I thought they said it would help with osteoporosis?
  • Synthetic Vitamins are lab made from Coal Tar Derivatives, and they are missing many components from a true Complex. A complex is just that, something complete with multiple layers. The example above with ascorbic vitamin c shows it is just the 4th layer, but it missing 3 other layers, including copper. Some say 5 layers total.
  • You Can See Below, Ascorbic Acid Is ONLY The Outside Layer
  • When you take a high dose of any single nutrient, you are more or less plugging up the hole it absorbs into, cutting off the absorption of other nutrients in that pathway. A good example is high synthetic D will limit Vitamin A and K absorption.
  • When you take synthetic nutrients, they are robbing your body of the nutrients it needs to complete the complex; remember above I said layers are missing, those layers will be filled by your body's storage, further lowering your nutrients stores needed to make energy and sustain things like immunity, hormones, etc...
  • Many of the companies like V-Code use what they call "Whole Food Supplements" but ingredients like saccharomyces cerevisiae are used to make many of their nutrients like C and Zinc. Many nutrients are cultured synthetically using molds. A Whole Food Supplement is food, we cannot take pieces of this and pieces of that to make up a "a Whole Food" option; sadly this just isn't how the chemistry in our body works nor can we think the body doesn't know when something like that is taken/eaten.
  • This is why you see the options in the protocol we use are forms of food that balance out the nutrients missing from our soil and food supplies. I'm simply using potent forms of nutrients in things like Bee Pollen, Whole Food Camu Camu Vitamin C, etc...I also put the main focus on Beef Liver as two people won the Nobel for using it to cure "Anemia"

Many of the issues we are dealing with our body are from the bad habits we have developed throughout our lives, but so much of the damage that is being done these days is from the things we are being advised to do.

For breaking many of the bad habits, we simply reverse the diabetic pathway called the Polyol and Sorbitol pathway, this is triggered by the Aldose Reductase Enzyme. This is an Enzyme I believe was stimulated in most regions of the world during the summer and fall when fruit was available and it would signal the body to store body fat for winter. A lot of what we have in our day to day in this modern world is constantly stimulating this pathway and causing much of the issues alongside Iron overload. I know many are reading this saying "I'm Anemic" but like I said above, two won the Nobel Prize for easily overcoming that; and this shows that it's not Low Iron anemia, but rather Low Copper Anemia

Try Adapting These Habits and Watch Things Start To Changing. Use these to help break the issues and when you get better you can choose the things you want to reintroduce. This is not about cutting your favorite things away from you, but rather removing anything harmful while getting the proper ratios of good nutrients back into the body every day:

  • Cut the fast food and eating out, these foods are nearly always cross contaminated with pork and these restaurants use the worst oils to cook with. Save the money and eat amazing food at home
  • Cut the drinks of all kinds
  • 3 Meals a day
  • Breakfast the biggest meal, lunch smaller, dinner smallest
  • No snacking between meals, only 30-60 minutes after your meal
  • Eat protein, then fat, then whatever carb. Do this anytime you eat
  • This will lower the blood sugar spike in half from the carbs
  • Drink Lemon water to stabilize blood sugars
  • No eating after dinner, especially in the winter
  • No eating starchy carbs for dinner, no potatoes of any kind, rice or breads, save this for your once a week refeed day
  • No fruits, sugars or anything like that in the evening or after dinner as well. Have those earlier in the day whenever you are having them
  • For those further along in their health journey, we generally work up to having two refeed days a week where we can reload, but if you're working towards a goal we must lower the sugar stores in the body to teach the body and pancreas how to function well again
  • Food processes in the body much different when the sun is down
  • Not eating after dinner provides about a 14 hour fast by morning
  • Not eating after dinner lowers insulin resistance and increases sleep
  • This plus adrenal cocktails, magnesium and my grounding kit will lower cortisol before bed, encouraging a much better REM and deep sleep
  • Lower cortisol at night, means high cortisol in the AM to get you going
  • This means HIGH Insulin Sensitivity and nutrient absorption
  • This is why we have our biggest meal in the AM, Break Your Fast
  • Putting the biggest meal on the body when your workers are going home for the day is counterintuitive and counterproductive all the way around
  • Get 64 Ounces of my structured water, the video is found in the front of my protocol
  • Have a Balanced Meal With Grass Fed Protein, Good Fats and the right carbs for your situation
  • When issues or fat persist, cut as many simple sugars like maple syrup, fruits, carbs outside veggies (non-starchy), basically anything around fast, sweet, sugars as you can
  • Schedule a consult with me today if you're wondering how to get this to fit your current lifestyle 


If we could just get back to the above, we would see entire societies changing around the world. The current paradigm is completely broken, we know that, but giving people the powerful tools that work and keep the results is what we need to do to encourage these things to happen. So often we come to the LIGHT, only to venture back to the recommendations we know are coming from a system that doesn't produce a track record with stats in it's favor. One that doesn't align with how The Most High said we are to heal this body.

One major thing many of us have to account for when using scripture to verify which way we are meant to live is the difference between now and then. This is extremely serious when speaking on the topic of "Bread of Life" and how this is not something we can take on in excess thinking this is how it used to be. Most wheats are a Japanese Hybrid which are only about 18 inches high and they have a very low mineral content relative to Einkorn which can be 48 inches high and has a much higher mineral content. Regardless, these things are still being grown outdoors and the things raining down on them are causing them to take up more Iron than they ever did before. 

Yes, I know many of you are here saying you are Anemic and the Iron is a good thing for you, but Hemoglobin does not have Iron loaded into it unless you have enough copper to do so.

Ferritin does not come in one form, and the one they check in your blood is missing the Iron, looking for more. The one that has the Iron is in the cell and that cannot be checked with your blood. So, why are they checking this ferritin? Dirty trick, eh?

Both of these numbers are not a good reference for your Iron and if the people doing these blood tests don't know this, then how can they be advising you to take Iron? Notice the blood test I recommend comes with 5 variables or more to verify the most info we can about Iron levels in the body.

Did they tell you that 10 times more Iron can be present in your organs and tissues than the blood? Short of a Biopsy, they cannot tell your Iron levels, this is the exact same with Estrogen; how many of you reading this now are taking Estrogens not knowing the amount that could be in your tissues?

Are we beginning to understand that we don't really understand and we are just taking one persons word for it vs another? Even with you reading my blog right now, how can you trust me without years of Molecular Chemistry understanding? This where you must be led in prayer.

I realized in retrospect that I really was just taking people's word for it. Once I started studying molecular and organic chemistry, I quickly realized who wasn't.

The common question is "Well then, are you a chemist?"

No, in fact I'm not, and I don't claim to be, I'm just a nerd who's studied the body for 2 decades; even though becoming a chemist is simply studying and proving your work. This is what's sad, you don't need a bunch of acronyms after your name, or thousands of hours studying this stuff to understand that none of it makes sense. You just need to see some side by sides like I did in my video coming out (and above) to understand that what is being said, isn't what it really is most all of the time. This being true even with the holistic naturopathic worlds.

So, the reason I started all of this with the Bread of Life subject is to say that most everyone in this world is struggling with their liver, and these grains are forced to have a higher affinity for Iron due to the environment they are grown in. We cannot take "Pure" "Organic" "Non-GMO" or even "Heirloom" and say we understand the chemistry growing in that plant. Have you 3rd party tested it? Trust me when I say, many things I've believed have been shattered through seeing things actually being tested with a private lab.

It's becoming quite common with clients having liver failure issues after a history eating these wheats in excess. We cannot avoid the fact that Iron controls Oxygen and when Iron is on the loose we get Oxidative Stress which can only come from loose, uncontrolled Oxygen and that only comes from uncontrolled Iron due to a lack of Bio-Available copper the body can use to combat it.

So what I am saying is when we intake these things with higher Iron into a body chemistry without proper copper (this is most of us), we see a high storage of increased blood sugars that activate Iron as well increased Iron in the liver. This is literally what causes the break down in the liver and the evidence on hair and blood tests as well as many first hand reports of what it's done to clients proves these grains in excess are a major contributing factor. So many put the focus on things like Candida, Yeast, and Fungus not realizing they eat metals, and metals feed on sugars. Iron is the issue and now we have significant Hair Test Mineral Analysis Results and Blood Panels to prove the claims.

  • Scripture put the most focus on grass-fed meat (From the Cud)
  • This would be the primary source of energy along side saturated fats
  • Grass is the most nutritious thing in the world, but we need an animals fermentation tank, their 40 gallon stomachs, to convert the nutrients into what we need most
  • We need 80% Saturated Fats, 20% Mono-Unsaturated fats
  • This is why I only recommend certain, sprouted nuts and seeds

It's not hard to see what taking in all these grains does to the body, and in most cases people aren't using sprouted forms of them in which cases the Phytic Acid is just melting down our magnesium into water and pulling it out of the body:

  • Magnesium is attached to every unit of energy our body makes
  • We cannot make energy without it
  • Magnesium calms anxiety and stress
  • Regulates your gut and bowel, blood, heart, etc...
  • Magnesium is responsible for 3751 of the 9000 enzymes in the body
  • Copper is the only one higher at over 5000 enzymes
  • They are the most important thing in the amniotic fluid the baby drinks in the womb and also what our adult cells use to make energy
  • Having something all the time without the right sprouting will most certainly melt down your energy rich magnesium, leaving you lacking energy and stressing your liver even further
  • Every day take your body weight, multiply it by 5 and that's how many MG of magnesium you need each day. Spread it out every 4 hours at first and work to where you take it every 2-3 hours for optimal energy and stress.

These paradigms we have been taught our entire life are still effecting us when we leave them. We end up doing so much of one thing, overloading our body with a massive amount of nutrients the body can't use and when those nutrients aren't used they turn into time bombs of free radical stress. Iron is the second most reactive element in the world, second only to fluorine (what fluoride is made from). We don't want any more of it and foods with it should be limited. It's why I use beef liver because it has Iron, but it has 2 times the amount of copper to regulate it and help with our body's excess storage of it.

  • You can't find a vitamin D tree
  • You can't find a Zinc Tree
  • You can't find a L-Carnitine or L-Tryptophan tree
  • Ascorbic Acid Tree
  • NAC tree
  • or any single nutrient in nature for that matter

Taking single forms of anything, or eating food loaded with certain nutrients is only going to take our body down further. Nature is balanced, Abba made sure all the nutrients came with their partners for absorption and processing in the body.

  • Magnesium needs to be double calcium to absorb, go check your supplement bottles and see its always opposite and normally calcium is 2, 4, 10 times higher
  • Vitamin A must be 20 times Vitamin D in food to absorb, you'll never find the real vitamin A in supplements; you will see the synthetic Retinyl Palmitate (Super harmful) or Beta-Carotene which only converts to the real Vitamin A (RETINOL) at a tune of 3% - That's no way to live

If we treat this process of leaving the western paradigm with the same focus we do when we walk in there, we will see huge results. If you are stuck, do a consult with me, if the process hits a wall along the way, do the hair test and blood test to see the true numbers that make your metabolism work. Many times we leave that paradigm feeling in control, but we let that control become something where we end up trying to make our own process up that we feel is the most comfortable.

Natural doesn't mean good

Good doesn't mean it's right

Right doesn't mean it's in the right ratios to absorb

Every machine in the world requires the right fuel, but also all the components must have the right ratios for it to work, we are no different.

They have taught us to deworm our animals, but to forget ourselves

They have taught us that our body can do everything we need

They teach us that can happen without us doing anything to start it

 We are taught that if something gets tough or uncomfortable, that it's an "allergic reaction" not a histamine response, and it shouldn't be happening in order to get us to do something to suppress it

When we heal, the wounds inside are opened rather than band-aid'ed and we are cleaning the infection out before letting it close up to heal the right way

This isn't a comfortable thing to go through due to the metals, toxins, parasites, etc. Having to be stirred up and moved out of the body. You will feel this happening much like a sickness makes these things happen. We are trained anything that doesn't feel good, shouldn't be there, and this is so far from the truth. The toxins in our body can't miraculously disintegrate, they must process out of the body. Abba can heal and make anything happen, but most of the time, we must go through the process He already gave us.

We clear the infection so it can't blindside us in the future

We are taught to be defeated, so that we must consult someone, and when we consult that person, we are being taught from a foundational paradigm we don't agree with. All of this and yet we still allow ourselves to be told that things are ok and I'm still going to do them. When someone tells you a synthetic Vitamin D is called a Steroid and Hormone as well as saying that there is a certain poison made specifically for rats that holds the same main ingredient and you still want to take it; this is where we have to ask ourselves why are WE letting this happen? I'm just here to be a voice and show you the evidence. It's why I don't charge for my coaching, consults or anything outside of product we make here in house because this message is important and so many out there needs to know someone cares enough to step up in a place where everyone is going to scrutinize all they are saying.

For most our lives many of us were mislead into believing a lot of things about our faith, things that literally changed the entire dynamic of how we are living now. Let's not forget that this industry literally has a stamp (Pharmakeia) with a name that matches one in Revelations that is to deceive the whole world. What billions do, we should avoid, what billions demonize, we should be taking a look at.

I pray this message is well received in love, and that is helpful to your understanding. As with all things, take it to the Most High with prayer and fasting as I am but a humble servant doing my best to convey the truth.

Much love to all of you my brothers and sisters!