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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Curt Vanderford
    Lotion Love

    Really like the new lotions consistency. Goes on great and I feel awesome.

    Jen S
    Love this stuff

    I’ve liked all the magnesium salves I’ve tried so far. The sleep extreme is my favorite. I like to put it on my neck and up around my jaws and behind my ears. I can tell a difference in the quality of sleep.

    Karlie Lee
    These rubs have made a big difference!

    We received the sleep, the zanex swap, and the pump. We can’t go to sleep without the sleep now knowing how restful it makes up; plus with it being safe for kids it helps make sure they are getting enough magnesium. The zanex swap has help my daughter who has a sensory processing issue. My husband can’t go a workout with the pump! It helps his circulation to the area he’s working and get a better work out in!

    Brie Meckes

    ALL Day Mix-Match 3 Pack

    Ashley Vanderloop

    Love. Essential to my life!

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