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ModernRootsLife.Com Little Season Detox Guide

3/5/2024 -  UPDATE - I will be updating the entire guide soon, but most all the info will stay the same outside of changing the 1 Meal For the Day to breakfast and then beginning to drink the drinks every hour about 90-120 minutes after having your meal. This changes the game for breakfast becoming the focus. Please contact me with any questions. THANKS!

Freshly edited and reformatted based on your feedback. Most of the info is the same but in a better format.

Learn how to cleanse and detox 3 times a year using our Herbal Parasite Flush and Level 1 Detox. Clear colon congestion causing a cascade of issues, reduce heavy metals, parasites and also balance all fungus, candida, mucus and what they call viruses.

25 Pages of Data

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Reduce mucus and inflammation...

Customer Reviews

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David Mather

I did the protocol just the drink no extras just to test the effectiveness. I have done cleanses and fasting many times over the years an knew what to handle. I did 14 days of the cleans drink part. I did not eat meat and ate very light dinner and had homemade sourdough on some evenings. I had black stuff coming our of my arm hair follicles. I lost 14lbs or so in that two week span. I feel lighter, I smell and taste better, I have great energy levels. I shared all this with others ans have 3-7 others who joined me in this who also are seeing results in a matter of days. This cleanse I will do probably every 2 weeks and added activated charcoal. I used cayenne tincture concentrate for my heat and I started with 15 drops a drink and I finished my two weeks taking 3 full droppers of the tincture. Absolutelu changed my body and everyone can do this.

Amanda Plante Nelson

Modern Roots Life Detox Guide 3.0

Carmela Lazarus
Amazing Information

Thank you for the thorough information on the detox program! Very detailed and complete guide.

Lori Mitchell

Great info easy to understand and put into action.

Beth Orsted

I haven't started yet. I had company this week and am going out of town next week. I'm going to start after I get back. I'm really looking forward to it.

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